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Whether you’re implementing a new network or upgrading an existing one is highly dependent on how well their network designs are planned and executed.

Network Implementation includes a technical framework that will enable you to coordinate with employees, managers, and third-party vendors. Moreover, you would also need to effectively communicate the scope of each implementation phase. The notification would also assist them in preventing expected downtimes and will help them adopt changes that are about to happen.

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Four Steps Of Network Implementation

Step 1: Planning

The network implementation starts with planning a phased approach. You need to set up core switches on your data center or branch office, in order to connect them to the servers. If you have a large-scale business enterprise with complex needs, then you need to follow this activity immediately and implement a new access layer switch. Once you have introduced core switches on the data center, then schedule wide-area connectivity. However, you need to ensure that the preference of time doesn’t conflict with the implementation of the access layer.

Step 2: Pre-Inform Staff About The Implementation

Inform the staff beforehand of the scheduled implementation of each phase. This is because when new equipment is implemented it disrupts the systems and data for the time being. Therefore, when you timely notify the staff, it will enable them to plan and save their tasks in the possible downtime.

Step 3: Run A Trial

Deploy and configure the network equipment and run a trial before the actual implementation. If there is any setback, you need to finetune the equipment again until it functions optimally and becomes ready for the final phase of implementation.

Step 4: Training And Support

Schedule the staff and the required support from IT professionals and any third-party enterprise personnel to support the implementation. Train staff to effectively utilize the network equipment and use fidelity data to strengthen skills. To run the network without errors, data and feedback should be constantly utilized to make continuous improvements on implementation.

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When your network requires upgrading, then you would need two essential IT products, which are network equipment and cabling. You need to customize, configure and install them on multiple sites. It takes a lot of time and effort to go even years to implement. That in turn, cause significant delays to meet the stringent demand and opportunities for new business initiatives.

At ORM Systems, we offer an end-to-end solution that fosters the installation of a network infrastructure that is highly reliable and scalable. It is an optimum choice to cater to complex network upgrades, migrations and consolidations that involve networking products including servers, routers, and switches. Network implementation services offer careful planning and implementation of integral components for a dynamic network solution.

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We have a team of well-versed network experts to effectively implement this latest technology and take your load off from utilizing in-house resources. With over 10 years of experience, we have the repository of endless knowledge, expertise, tools, ideas and best practices to successfully plan, set up, test and implement your network.

Our level of expertise in successfully following through with your project, allows you to utilize your in-house resources to invest their time and efforts on other business-critical tasks.

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